Look What I Made!

Back from Spring break today! Later this week I’ll share what my library looks like after putting our own spin on the National Poetry Month inspiration picks I shared last time. Today, I can’t wait to show off what I created while on break!

A few weeks ago I picked up a Beta fish at my local pet store for a library pet. I let the kids suggest names when they checked out books, narrowed down the list of suggestions to my favorites (so I wouldn’t get stuck with a name like Buttface for the classroom pet), then created ballots and let the kids vote every time they visited the library. I told the kids I would count the votes over break and let them know when they got back from break what the winning name was. I   have been itching to try my hand at infographics so when one of my old classmates posted about an infographics assignment she was doing in Grad school I knew I had to try my hand at it. It was super easy and fun. I think the kids will love looking at the full results of the votes and I’m thinking of using it in my next blurb in the district’s monthly newsletter.

I created this one with Infogr.am but other resources include:




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