My Command Central

Just a quick one to show another one of my organization stations, my command central if you will.

I got the vertical file holder last year from Amazon. I have the folders labeled with the days of the week since I see my classes on a Monday-Friday schedule. Inside each folder, I keep the class lists for the classes I’ll see that day (I like to put my seating charts right at the bottom of the class lists), in the order I’ll see them that day. The folders expand a bit so I can usually fit any and all copies I’ll need for that day in the folder as well. I use the see-through pocket on the bottom to hold my clipboard.

My clipboard always has a copy of my schedule on it. Since I’m on a fixed/flex schedule it changes from week to week and I don’t like the pressure of remembering all those start and end times in my head so I print off a copy each week. On the back of my clipboard, I have two of those little square laminated adhesive pockets you can get at Target’s Dollar Deals section in August. I use them to hold my nurse’s office passes and my Chance Cards. I don’t send kids to the nurse’s office often but when I do, I find taking a quick second to fill out one of these notes really helps her out. Chance cards are a reward system we use at our school as part of PBIS. When you “catch” a kid exemplifying one of our core tenets, you can reward them with a chance card. They then can turn them in for rewards in their classrooms.

Every morning, I grab that days folder and put it on my clipboard, on top of my schedule. Before a class comes in, I’ll pull their class list out and clip it on top of the folder, on my clipboard. Now, I have my class list so I can take attendance if need be, my seating chart, a means of rewarding students, and any handouts I need, all in one place. When the class ends, I put their list back in the folder and get the next list out. At the end of the day, the folder goes back up in the file and the clipboard goes in its pocket!

I’d love attach a pocket or hook or something to the back of the Happy/Sad Board for my clipboard to make it a little easier to carry both of them when we’re transitioning around the library but other than that, it’s been a pretty great, easy to setup organization station!

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