Thankfulness Feathers

Just a quick one today! My clerk found a cute idea for our November bulletin board (have I mentioned how much I LOVE having a full time clerk again this year?!?!):

She sketched the turkey out by hand, can you believe it? Since I color coded my grade levels in my planner and on my schedule she used those same colors for the feathers.

For my K-2nd classes, I read them a story on gratitude (Lucy Cate’s Gratitude Attitude if you wanted to check it out. I thought it was okay. The font and layout made it difficult to read and some of the message got lost for my youngest students with the language and rhyming choices but after a class discussion they got the idea so I’d say, overall, it did its job. Gratitude picture books are surprisingly hard to come by) and then, we moved to the tables to complete our gratitude feathers (Kindergarten on red, first on orange and second on yellow). My clerk put the other feathers in an envelope on the circulation desk with a little sign she made. When the older kids come down to check out books, she asks if they’d done a feather yet and would like to add to our board.

As kids finish their feathers, she adds them to our turkey and he just keeps growing and growing! I love that he’ll be up and bursting with feathers for parent teacher conferences. Of course, my amazing clerk already has her December bulletin board planned and ready to go so he’ll be coming down as soon as we get back from Thanksgiving break. Can’t wait to show you what she’s planned for the next one!

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