I Wonder…If You’d Like a Closer Look at our Snapshot Wall?

I mentioned the Snapshot wall when I gave a tour of changes in the library this year but didn’t really breakdown the sections of our Snapshot wall. Since we’re covering the topic of wondering the week and introduced Our Wonder Wall to the kids this week, it seemed like a great time to take a closer look at this part of the library.

The top portion of the Snapshot wall is focused on me, specifically, me as a reading role model. As I mentioned before, I was inspired by Pernille Ripp’s book, Passionate Readers to really push myself beyond just showcasing what book I’m currently reading and how many books I’ve read. I decided to come up with reading goals for myself and display them on the Snapshot wall. I think I’ll have the kids come up with their own reading goals at some point this year as well.

Since reading 30 minutes a night is one of my goals, I decided to also make a reading log and display it on the Snapshot wall as well.

One of my colleagues was like, “I don’t know if I could show my log, I’d make that goal so rarely” but as you can see, I don’t exactly crush it every night either. And that’s okay! I think it’s great for kids to see adults make goals and struggle to reach them. Modeling persistence and perseverance in the face of difficulty is a great thing to do for our students!

On the far right of the upper side I’ve also included my “reading wishlist”, a compilation of books I’d like to read next. I think that in addition to showcasing what I’ve read, and what I’m currently reading, showing kids that I’m always thinking about what I’d like to read next emphasize how much I enjoy reading.

On the bottom left-hand side, I’m displaying the book covers of all the books we read together this year during class. I keep a running tally of how many books I’ve read this school year along with their covers, on another wall of the library so I thought it would be fun to do the same for our students this year. Plus, I think many of our students have very black and white ideas of what can count as reading but I want them to see that just like listening to an audiobook while I drive can count as reading for me, so can listening to a story during library count for them. There are so many ways to be a reader and enjoy reading and I want my students to know that and start to see themselves as readers! Finally, on the bottom right side, we have Our Wonder Wall. The Wonder Wall was inspired by my reading of Inquiry Mindset: Nurturing the Dreams, Wonders, and Curiosities of Our Youngest Learners by Trevor MacKenzie and Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt. This is a place for our students to share things they are curious about, things they wonder. I plan on using it as a way to keep tabs on things I need to cover better during our next class or topic ideas for when we do research.

We introduced Our Wonder Wall this past week and will spend the next several classes teaching and modeling how to use it. To introduce it this week, I called their attention to it when they came in to the library and reviewed what it means to wonder. Then, on the story rug, we read a book on friendship (books varied depending on grade level). After the story, I wondered out loud how we can be a good friend and students took turns offering suggestions. Then, we wrote some of their wonders on sticky notes and I collected them to add to Our Wonder Wall.

Next week, we’ll read different books on animal facts and this time, students will share things they still wonder about animals after reading the books. However, I plan on transitioning them to their assigned table seats and letting them write their wonders on their own before collecting them and adding them to Our Wonder Wall.

Finally, I’ll leave sticky pads in the supply caddies at each table and show students where to find them when they want to add a wonder to Our Wonder Wall. We’ll practice that by wondering what we should name the new library fish and letting the kids each suggest and add a name to Our Wonder Wall.

My goal from that point on will be for students to have access to the pencils and sticky notes as a free choice activity during book exchange time. I’m not sure how that will go exactly but I got a TON of sticky notes on clearance at Target so I’m prepared to take a chance that some of them get misused and hope that in the end, with some prompting and occasionally re-teaching of expectations, we’ll have a way for students to embrace their curiosity and share it with the world!

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