Cool Tools for Schools, Thing 24: Infographics


I am definitely a fan of infographics. I’m more of a visual learner so I find infographics quick, catchy, easy to digest facts and figures appealing. My favorite thing about infographics though is how easy it is to make quick, FREE, yet polished inforgraphics on your own now-I just never can seem to find something to create on infographic about so this particular topic was a great challenge for me.

I decided to make an infographic of library stats so far this year. Every month, I send my administrator an email outlining some facts and figures about the previous month in the library and I try to capture it all as succinctly as possible but, I started to wonder if an infographic might be a better way to go. It could be a faster, easier to absorb way to get that same information across-my principal is always going a hundred miles an hour so anything I can do to get her to see what’s going on in the library without taking a huge chunk of her time is a good thing.

Here’s the infographic I created: FPS LMC Year in Review 2015 | Piktochart Infographic Editor

Since I already pull some key stats and figures for my principal each month, finding the data wasn’t that difficult. However, deciding what data to put in the year in review was a little trickier. I wanted it to be interesting stats that would make the library seem like a busy hub of the school. I also wanted to work some stats in that didn’t just focus on the books-libraries are so much more than books these days! In hindsight, I probably should have just tried doing my monthly library review in infographic form instead of trying to create a year in review one (especially since the year isn’t even over yet…) I used Piktochart to create my infographic since I like the wide range of free templates they have and they are always adding seasonal ones you can use as well. I also find Piktochart to be easier to manipulate than some other options (especially if I end up using them with students so time). I also like that Piktochart gives you the option to create your own completely from scratch if you are feeling creative and competent.

So while I created this infographic as a year (so far) in review, I think I might make the last few monthly library reviews infographics as well this year. I’m thinking that not only will it be easier (and more intriguing) for my principal to read, I can print them out each month and create a running display of library stats and figures. After reading her monthly summary, my principal is always encouraging me to share what happens in the library with other people in the building. I think a display of inforgraphics would catch more eyes and get read more than sending out the same types of emails I’ve been sending her…did I just get a jump start on the advocacy Cool Tools?!?!

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