Cool Tools for School, Thing 22: Create a Resource Guide Part I

Creating a resource guide for my colleagues has been something I’ve wanted to do for awhile but, I haven’t been able to find time to make it a priority project. I’m glad this project made the cut for track 3 and is forcing me to finally get this off the back burner and to a priority spot on my to-do list!

Since this is a heavy duty project, and one I’ve started and stopped so many times, I decided to take Polly’s advice and break this up into stages. For the first stage, I looked at what population I want to connect with using the resource guide and the best way to reach them. Working at an elementary school where I see every class at every grade level once a week, I decided I really needed to make this guide for all of my teachers. To figure out what platform my resource guide should take, I decided to turn to my teachers for guidance. I created a Google Form and emailed it to them for their input.

Gathering their thoughts via Google Forms was an easy decision to make. We already use Gmail at my school and Google Forms collects all the answers in spreadsheet for me as they come in so I don’t have to think about the survey until I’m ready to see what they responses have been so far. I think I’ll look at it again at the end of the week and see how many responses I’ve received. If necessary, I’ll send out a reminder with a link to the form to drum up more reposes. After I’ve received a response from at least half of my colleagues, I’ll move on to the next step, choosing and setting up the platform.

Here’s the quick form I sent my teachers this morning:

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