Mo Willems is a GENIUS!

School started last week and this was our first week of library classes. It’s going well so far but I definitely get super nervous still while I’m waiting for a class to arrive! All of the classes this week are getting the rundown on who I am, what the expectations are for library behavior, and a fun library/book/rule related story before book checkout time. For one of my classes, I was reading Mo Willems book We are in a book! from the Elephant and Piggie series. I don’t know what happened before they got to library, but one of my students was absolutely positively not in a good mood and was not having this whole “let’s listen to a story” thing. He sat, grumpy faced, with his arms crossed and looked anywhere at me and my story.

However, as I read the book, a funny thing started to happen. I would catch him smiling and enjoying it despite himself. He would almost immediately realize he was actually having fun and go back to grumpy mode. But, as the story went on, he stopped catching himself as quickly and by the end of our book he was all smiles and we had a great class together.

Thank you Mo Willems. You sir, are a genius.

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