Planning Ahead for Poetry Month

Can you believe it’s March 12th already? I know I sure can’t-which probably explains why I missed the boat on coming up with a cool March bulletin board/reading promo. Technically, naming our library fish is part of the March reading promo but, it isn’t a completely reading related activity like Blind Date with a Book was last month. It also proved difficult to find bulletin board/display ideas that tied in to the library fish idea but didn’t seem too “kiddish”.

In an effort not to waste the precious display space, I put up some flashy “NEW!” signs and displayed some of the book from our new book order and decided to focus my efforts on planning a great display and accompanying bulletin boards for the month of April. Here are some of the ideas I’m liking and planning to implement in April as we celebrate National Poetry Month (maybe it will help you avoid an “opps, I ran out of time” lame display next month).

This display of “magnetic poetry” is eye catching, recognizable and, best of all, easy to make!


I’m planning to cover our big bulletin board in the library with the roll of black paper we have left from wrapping Blind Date books. Then, we just have to print random words in simple black font on plain white paper, cut into a rectangle shape and staple to the black bulletin board. Fast and easy, right? I think I’ll do a set in larger font than the rest that say “April is National Poetry Month”.

This display will take more time but I think it will be worth the effort. The colorful, eye-catching and interactive nature of this display will pull students in (they might even learn something about poetry!). I have a smaller bulletin board near my door I’m thinking about putting this on-the only problem is it is higher up and blocked by some computers. It wont have the same interactive abilities of the original display so I might have to modify the design to make it work…

For the display case in the hallway I want to introduce our students to the concept of spine label poetry.


I was thinking of making signage that announces April as National Poetry Month and says something about how poetry and inspiration are everywhere. I’m going to have the girls in my 8th grade book club try their hand at it for the upstairs display case and I’ve already talked with the 7th grade book club leader about her students giving it a try for the downstairs display case.

As far as activities go, I have some rough ideas I’m still trying to hammer out. I want to use this quiz in some way but I’m not sure how. I’ve thought about linking to it from the library website, typing it and printing it out as a handout, or making it into an interactive display on the back of my office door with flip panels that reveal the answers.

Finally, my TA threw out the idea of us doing some kind of ongoing poem with the kids. Like these exercises where you write one line of a story, hide it, and then pass it ot the next person . I’m just not sure how we would actually make it work in reality. It can be tough to encourage their creative freedom and still monitor their contributions for appropriateness…

There are more ideas for displays and National Poetry Month being added to my Pinterest account. Hopefully, you’ll see something that inspires you. I’ll try to remember to take some pictures so I can show you how it all turns out.

Until next time,


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