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Full disclosure: I created this blog and loaded up a Google Reader as assignments for my intro class this summer and haven’t touched them since so, I am by no means an expert on RSS feeds and blog readers (on the bright side, my houseplants now know my neglect isn’t personal).

Now, let’s talk get to the assignment discussion points:

  1. Is RSS here to stay?

The Internet, like the universe, is constantly expanding. Unfortunately, the hours in the day are not. RSS gives people the chance to simplify how they stay up to date on information online. So, the short answer for me is yes, until something even easier comes along, RSS is here to stay.

  1. How can RSS be used in schools?

One way librarians can introduce RSS feeds to their students is by putting some RSS feeds directly on the library website (like the one I put on my right side toolbar for the School Library Journal Web 2.0 Tools blog). They can also show teachers how to put them on their class web pages or, the librarian can put collections of teacher chosen, subject specific, RSS feeds on the library website. This will allow students to get exposure to RSS feeds and what they can offer in information organization and delivery without having to have their own blogs. Feeds can even be created based on special projects or student interests. Librarians can point out the RSS feed, explain how it works, and why it can be a useful tool for students early each school year.

Last but not least, exposing students to RSS feeds through the library website will help accomplish the following Standards for the 21st Century Learner:

4.1.2  Read widely and fluently to make
connections with self, the world, and previous reading.

4.1.7  Use social networks and information tools
to gather and share information.

(P.S. Wish I could take credit for the clever “Feed Me” title, but I found it here when noodling around for information on RSS feeds.)

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